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You can order online or over the phone at 610-664-7352. To discuss payment option please call 610-664-7352

Flowers are proven to lower tension and relieve stress. Fresh flowers are the perfect for any office or home. To Learn more about flowers and their benefits visit our Blog HERE.

Floral Gift Sets

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A Month Of Flowers $180-380

This gift set gives you or someone you love a gift of four seasonal floral arrangements. our design staff will select only the highest quality blooms to create a unique piece each week.  See this month's best flowers with the gift that keeps on giving.

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A Season Of Flowers $520-$1100

This gift set includes a season worth of floral arrangements delivered to you or someone you love. We will send an arrangement per week for 12 weeks. Our design staff will select only the most premier blooms available to create a unique piece each week. Give yourself or a loved one the seasons best flowers with this amazing gift set. 

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A Year Of Flowers $2300-$4600


Includes 52 Unique Vase Arrangements!

This gift set includes a year of fresh flowers. We will send one arrangement per week for 52 weeks. Our design team will select only the most impressive flowers from each season to create a unique arrangement each week. See all the flowers of each season with this amazing gift set. For payment information call 610-664-7352 to schedule monthly or weekly payments, less than $45 per week!

Orchid Gift Set

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These gift sets include an orchid each month. Our designers will select the best orchid plants to create a unique display every month. This is perfect for any orchid lover or someone new to the hobby. This will leave yourself or a loved one with a great collection of orchids over the course of a season or year. Give yourself or a loved one the amazing gift of stunning orchid plants!

Here at Long Stems we are experts on orchid care, for any questions on your orchid plants feel free to call 610-664-7352 and ask about proper care for your orchid.

Most Orchids are arboreal, meaning they grow along trees and in tree canopies. Orchids like a high amount of water and humidity but do not like to ever sit in stagnate water. For more info on orchids check out our Blog Here!

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A Season Of Orchids $165-$375

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A Year Of Orchids $600-$1450

Best Value!