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Please browse our prom and formal collection for the perfect flowers to match your date's suit or dress. If you have any questions please call our store at 610-664-7352, our talented design staff will be more than happy to help select the perfect flowers just for you! Please note the (As Shown) price point for our nosegays and corsages.


Uptown Nosegay.jpg

Uptown Nosegay $50-$150

(As Shown $150)

Downtown Style Nosegay $50-$150

(As Shown $100)

Champagne Nosegay $50-$150

(As Shown $125)

Black Tie Nosegay $50-$150

(As Shown $125)

Sun Bright Nosegay.jpg

Sun Bright Nosegay $50-$150

(As Shown $75)

Oceanea Nosegay.jpg

Oceania Nosegay $50-$150

(As Shown $125)

Evening Fragrance Nosegay $50-$150

(As Shown $125)

Lush Nosegay.jpg

Lush Nosegay $50-$150

(As Shown $125)

Orange Burst Nosegay.jpg

Watermelon Nosegay $50-$150

(As Shown $150)

Jewel Nosegay.jpg

Jewel Nosegay $50-$150

(As Shown $85)

Regal Nosegay.jpg

Regal Nosegay $50-$150

(As Shown $125)

Orange Burst Nosegay $50-$150

(As Shown $150)

Adore Nosegay $50-$150

(As Shown $65)

Formal Nosegay $50-$150

(As Shown $100)

Spring Petals Nosegay.jpg

Spring Petals Nosegay $50-$150

(As Shown $150)

Satin Nosegay.jpg

Satin Nosegay $50-$150

(As Shown $75)

Gemstone Nosegay $50-$150

(As Shown $65)


White Orchic and Rose Corsage.jpg

Regal Corsage $40-$50

(As Shown $45)

Graceful Orchids Corsage.jpg

Formal Corsage $40-$50

(As Shown $40)

Sun Bright Corsage $40-$50

(As Shown $40)

Sunset Beauty Wristlet.jpg

Sunset Corsage $40-$50

(As Shown $40)

Purple Promise Wristlet.jpg

Downtown Style Corsage $40-$50

(As Shown $40)


Black Tie Boutonniere.jpg

Black Tie Boutonniere $15

Formal Boutonniere $15

Flash Boutonniere.jpg

Jewel Boutonniere $20

Charming Boutonniere.jpg

Charming Boutonniere $15

Sun Bright Boutonniere $18

Downtown Style Boutonniere.jpg

Downtown Style Boutonniere $20

Harlequin Boutonniere.jpg

Harlequin Boutonniere $18

Adonis Boutonniere.jpg

Adonis Boutonniere $18

Vintage Boutonniere.jpg

Vintage Boutonniere $15

Peachy Boutonniere.jpg

Peachy Boutonniere $20

Gallant Boutonniere.jpg

Gallant Boutonniere $18

apollo boutonniere.jpg

Apollo Boutonniere $18

Prom is the time to make life long memories that you will cherish. Prom flowers from Long Stems will stand out in your favorite prom photos. Whether you are looking for a boutonniere, nosegay, or corsage Long Stems is the premier florist in Merion Station, Narberth, Penn Valley, Philadelphia, Gladwynne, Haverford, King of Prussia, Villanova, Drexel Hill, Pheonixville, Collegeville and so many more. Long Stems delivers prom flowers daily to over 200 towns and cities in the the Greater Philadelphia Area. You can select pick up if you would prefer to pick up your prom flowers at our store!